Mugi : Médaille d’Or 2023
Minami shuzo Limited 有限会社 南酒造
Oita 大分県
25.3 %
麦部門Mugi Shochu
白麹 Kôji blanc
常圧Distillation sous pression normale
不使用Non utilisé
1年 1 an
100, 720, 900, 1800 ml
1000 JPY

This is the special barley shochu that is processed hand-made koji,
low temperature fermentation and atmospheric distillation.
We Minami-shuzo uses very unique vertical distillatory to cut off bitterness. By doing so, Toppai can realize its elegant and refleshed taste.
We hope You can enjoy it's glaceful flavor and soft taste.

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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.